The Police Couldn’t Find Video Footage Of Sandra Bland At The Police Station, But They Were Quick To Release Multiple Videos Of Tiger Woods Acting A Fool. White People Ain’t Shit!!


Ever since his mugshot went viral, Tiger Woods has been the talk of the town. He was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs. Florida police then released dash cam footage which showed Tiger Woods struggling to cope after he was found slumped in his car. Surprisingly enough, he wasn’t subjected to any violence or unnecessary force which seems to be the norm when police officers arrest black people. Do you guys remember when Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell? The police didn’t release any footage of her arriving at the police station, but they managed to show us a full 4 minute clip of Tiger Woods struggling to take a breathalyser.



Here Are The Following Why White People & The White Media Need To Leave Tiger Woods Alone:



Niggas Are Going Through Real Shit, Man They Out Work!!!

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Tiger Woods in actions. Let’s not forget the fact that  he’s one of the best golfers to ever step foot on this planet. Tiger Woods is currently going through a mid-life crisis. He’s already had to deal with a sex scandal, divorce, injury and now a potential case.



Stay Away From White Women. They’ll Take Your Money, Children And Livelihood! 

Why do rich black men always marry white woman? What’s their obsession? Just look at all the stress that Elin Nordegren has caused Tiger Woods. She’s taken his money, children and career. If Tiger married a black woman none of this would’ve happened.



Even When You In A Benz, You Still A Nigga In A Coupe 

When Tiger Woods was arrested he was driving a Mercedes-Benz worth $200,000. If he was white maybe the police might of drove him home and tucked him into bed. Tiger Woods identifies as “cablinasian,” but on this particular occasion the police only viewed him as just another “nigger.”



White People Only Ride For You When It Benefits Them! 

White people used to love Tiger Woods when he was winning trophies. Now that he’s going through a crisis they want to mock and ridicule him. Fuck white people!! They’re all fake as hell.



Tiger Woods Gon’ Be Alright!!! 

Tiger Woods just needs to focus on the positives. He needs to block out all the negative energy and enemies of progress. He has at least 3/4 more trophies left in him!! No one likes to see talent go to waste.



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