How Can White People Have The Audacity To Try Defend A Politician That Said The N-Word?


Ann Marie Morris was caught on tape using the phrase “nigger in a woodpile” during a Euroskeptics meeting in central London. We all know that white people are inherently racist, but this is just taking the piss. This racist conservative politician must have thought we were living in the times of the British Empire. Theresa May has declared that Ann Marie Morris will be suspended from her current role. Since this news was announced the Conservative party has lost its majority hold! The amount of white people that are defending Ann Marie Morris’ racist behavior is despicable. Just goes to show that white people are nothing pure trash.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Have No To Right To Be Defending Ann Marie Morris’ Use Of The N-Word:



“Black People Say It All The Time! Why Can’t I?”

Would you like to know why white people aren’t allowed to say the N-word? Because they’re not black. It’s as simple as that. If you aren’t black then delete the word from your vocabulary. Problem solved!!!! Surely it can’t be that hard?



Too Many Non-Black People Think It’s Okay To Use The N-Word

Non-black people are just as bad as white people when it comes to the N-word! They’ll say some bullshit like, “but my great-great grandmother was 1/8th black so I can say it.” Non-black people also expect us to speak up on their behalf. Fight your own struggle and stop saying the N-word.



Racism Is The Epotimy Of Conservative Politics. Word To Diane Abbott 

Diane Abbott tried telling white people how British politics were embedded with racism. They didn’t want to hear a single word of it!! It’s not just Ann Marie Morris who’s used the phrase “nigger in a woodpile.” 8 other conservative politicians have also used it.



Britain Has An Issue With Subtle Racism

Most people would think that the U.K. isn’t that racist of a country. Let me tell you now, the U.K. is extremely racist!!! You just don’t hear that much about it. Over here in America it’s happening 24/7, 365.



F**k White People 🙂 

White people never manage to out do themselves. Constantly proving to the world how racist and spiteful they are. Ann Marie Morris should now be the voice of Britain so everyone can see the UK’s true colors.




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