When Will White People Stop Racially Abusing Black Football Players?


White people love to sugarcoat the rampant racism that occurs in football. They think that a “kick racism out of football” campaign will suddenly end all the prejudice and hate. Sulley Muntari was a recent victim of racial abuse from football fans. Not only did his club let him down, but the governing bodies (FIFA and UEFA) were of no use to him. There are hardly ever any real punishments that deter people from racially abusing black players. The club just gets a small fine. In September 2016, FIFA scrapped its anti-racism task force because they believed they had “fulfilled” their mission.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Will Never Stop Racially Abusing Black Football Players:



White Football Fans Are Inherently Racist

Have you ever wondered why you never see that many black people at football games? It’s because the atmosphere is hostile and it has a very racist vibe to it. Just look at some of the fans that attend football games. They have Neo-Nazi written all over them.



Get Up!! Stand Up!! Don’t Give Up The Fight!!!

If white people racially abuse a black player, then the player has every right to walk off the pitch. White people shouldn’t be such uncivilized racist thugs. This further proves the notion that white people can’t experience racism. White football players never get racially abused by fans.



Niggas Are Out Here Just Tryna Make An Honest Living 

A lot of the black football players that have fallen victim to racial abuse were just doing their job. When you look at some of the incidents, you can easily sum up the conclusion that white people are evil. Throwing bananas and doing monkey chants, like really? Is that how deep your hatred for black people is?



History Always Tends To Shape The Future

Racism in football isn’t something new. It can all be traced back to football hooliganism. When the first wave of Caribbean migrants arrived in Britain, there was a lot of racial tension. This was around the 1950s/60s. Black football players began to rise up in the ranks, much to white people’s dismay. Ever since then, football hooligans have always been very anti-black.



You Better Get Used To Us Because We Are Here To Stay!!!

If you haven’t already noticed, black people are extremely talented when it comes to sport. We run this shit. White people and their inferior selves can’t seem to keep up. They can continue to be racist, but that Isn’t going to affect the up and coming talent that we keep on producing.

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