Regardless Of Their Sexual Orientation, White People Will Always Be Racist!!


We are now half way through pride month 2017. Pride month means an awful lot to the LGBTQ community. They get to celebrate their struggles and achievements. If you are heterosexual then it’s probably just business as usual. One thing that we can’t ignore about the LGBT community is the blantant anti-blackness. The black LGBTQ community is often fetishized and ridiculed by the white LGBTQ community. Although they’re a persucted group, the white LGBTQ community still continues to uphold the oppressive values of white supremacy. It just goes to show that no matter what their sexual orientation is, white people will always be racist.



Here Are The Following Ways In Which The White LGBTQ Community Upholds The Oppressive Values Of White Supremacy:



Divide And Conquer The Black LGBTQ Community 

The white LGBTQ community causes division among the black LGBTQ community. Some people in the black LGBTQ community will do whatever it takes to bring others down just so they can be accepted by the white LGBTQ community.That’s because homosexuality in the black community is still a taboo. It’s high time that we adapt our mentality.



White People Want Everything To Themselves 

When it came to fighting for gay rights, it wasn’t just white people that were at the protests and rallies. Black people were also in the mix of things. Because white people love to twist history to suit their own wicked needs, the black LGBTQ community is never given the credit that it’s due.



Eurocentric Beauty Standards Are Still The Norm

The black LGBTQ community is so diverse, versatile and talented. They’re the fashionistas and trend setters of the world. Unfortunately, it’s the white kids in the LGBTQ community that are getting the contracts, TV shows and sponsors. In the LGBT community, white people are still the beauty standard and most represented across mainstream media.



White People Will Always Be Trash 🙂

Homosexual or heterosexual, white people will always be nothing but pure racist trash! There’s no two ways about it! They say that are trying to change and become better people. How many times have we heard that?




Protect The Black LGBTQ Community From White People 

The black LGBTQ are fundamental to the black liberation. Let’s not forget that the Black Lives Matter founders are part of the LBGTQ community. Heterosexual black people must change their attitudes towards the black LGBTQ community.



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