White People Don’t Understand How Working In The Hospitality Industry Can Trigger Black People’s Post Traumatic Slave Disorder!


For those of you that work in the hospitality industry, you’ll know all about the sheer amount of bullshit that you have to put up with. White people in the hospitality industry are so problematic. The mangers, supervisors, chefs, customers and staff. It’s like they have something against black people. They always make us work extra hard. We are human beings not house negroes. Some of you might be familiar with the term, “post traumatic slave disorder.” It’s the notion that black people are still mentally stuck in the slave mindset. Although we are now free (to a certain extent), we are still slaves to the system.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why Working In The Hospitality Industry Can Trigger Black People’s Post Traumatic Slave Disrorder: 



Yes Master. No Master. Please Can I Get Some More Shifts Master

You are shown so much fake love in the Hospitality Industry it’s actually unbelievable. In order to keep your job, you kind of have to lick ass and keep in good standing with your slave master. Sometimes you get fed when you are working. Sometimes you have to starve and work hungry.



Niggas In Paris X No Blacks Allowed 

The slave master often organises trips for his slaves to work overseas. Because the slave trade is no long a thing in Europe, he decides to send his white slaves to work there instead. If he sent any of his black slaves out there, they’d probably get auctioned on some illegal slave trade.



Sometimes The Pay Is Good, But The Symptoms Can Still Be Felt 

The slave master is very clever. In order to stop his slaves from running away he pays them the bare minimum. When he’s feeling nice he also gives his slaves holiday pay. Money can be interpreted as antibiotics. The slave master tries to cure his slaves by making them think that they’re free.



*Clicks Fingers To Get Your Attention* 

Let’s talk about some of the white customers that trigger black people’s post traumatic slave disorder. We try be as nice as we can to the slave masters customers, but you’ve got to remember that most white people are filthy racists. They’ll show you no respect whatsoever. They actually make your job harder than what it should be. White people feel so entitled to black people’s time and effort.



Once They’ve Had Some Liquor Their Racist Views Start To Come Out!! 

There’s no denying the fact that white people love to drink. For those of you that work in the hospitality industry, you are probably sick of seeing alcohol. Once white people have had some liquor down them, they’ll start asking you where you are from and if they can touch your hair.


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