According To White People, The Mocking Spongebob Meme Promotes “Ableism”


Probably just about everyone has been exposed to this new mocking Spongebob meme. It’s not your usual meme, but it has definitely shifted internet culture. Not everyone has welcomed the mocking Spongebob meme with open arms. Do you want to take a guess at who had the most to say about the meme? WHITE PEOPLE!! They’re saying that the meme promotes ableism. Mocking someone’s speech by replicating it in a silly voice has bad connotations. Are they reacting like this because the meme was popularized by black people? Or is it just YT PPL being white people?



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Are In Hysterics About The New Spongebob Meme:



Yt Ppl W4nNa Be OpR33sEd sO B4dLy 

White people love making something out of nothing. To the rest of us, they sound like they’re screeching absolute nonsense. The mocking Spongebob meme is not promoting ableism. The meme is used to mock people who are talking shit. Its really not that deep.



IsSa JoKe! cH1Ll oUt M8 

Most people understand the concept of the mocking Spongebob meme. White people just want to be problematic. No one from the disabled community has actually said anything about the meme. White people think it’s necessary for them to speak on the behalf of minority groups.



W3 aR3 lOv1n’ iT, lOv1n’ iT, lOv1n iT

Black Twitter & black Tumblr have been having a wonderful time with the new Spongebob meme. White media outlets have written several articles about the popular internet meme. As always, they’ve failed to credit black twitter for bringing the meme into the mainstream.



1F U dOn’T l1Ke 1T, M4K3 uR oWn M3m3S

It’s easy for white people to take offence to a meme that they didn’t create. If they want to avoid similar situations, then they need to start creating their own memes. Stop relying on black Twitter to make the memes for you.



hoW cUm y’4ll ar3 qU1et wH3n 1T cOm3S 2 t4lK1N’ bOuT r4c1Sm?

White people are quick to pipe up about an internet meme. Let an innocent black person get killed by the police and they suddenly go quiet. When you tell white people that they can’t experience racism, they suddenly become the most oppressed demographic on the planet.

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