Most Of These So Called “Black Media Outlets” Are Owned By White People! Beware Of False Prophets #StayWoke


Believe it or not, most of the black media outlets that you’ve across are not even black owned. They were either bought out by white people or were never black owned in the first place. The bible does warn us about these sort of things. Please turn to the book of Matthew, chapter 7 verse 15. *Clears throat*. “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.” Other than to destroy the black community, what purpose do white people have owning black media outlets? There’s always an ulterior motive!!



Here Are The Following Reasons Why You Should Avoid Black Media Outlets That Are Owned By White People:



Its Not Everyday Bad News!!!!!

All that these white-owned black media outlets ever do is bring us bad news. Some of the news is crucial and we need to know it, but they rarely ever spread positive news. If you were to read their articles everyday, you would actually become depressed.



You Ain’t Got The Answers Man

White-owned black media outlets can continue to report on black issues, but that’s as far as it will ever go. They never actually give any solutions or advice on how black people can move forward as a race. You always have to remember that it’s not in white people’s best interests for black people to feel liberated.



Please Please Support Black Writers & Bloggers! 

There are so many talented black bloggers and writers out there. It’s just a shame that we support popularity over talent. The actual black owned media outlets will always keep it real with you! They actually care about the struggle and they don’t put on a “fake deep” act.




You can’t really trust black people that work for white-owned black media outlets. You just know that they’re getting manipulated and being forced to manifest a particular agenda. They’re in the sunken place and we’re hoping that they’ll make it out of there one day.



They’re Profiting Off Our Struggle!!! 

White people are demons. They genuinely think that they’re doing us some sort of favor by bringing light to our struggle, but In reality they’re just profiting off of it. In the great words of Michael Jackson, “They don’t really care about us.”



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