The London Bridge Terror Attack Is Definitely Linked To The General Election! White People Are Easily Swayed By Terrorism!!


With the general election only being a couple of days away, the London Bridge terror attack came at no surprise. White people will do anything to swing the pendulum as long as it benefits them in the long run. In other words, the London Bridge terror attack was staged! Why was it staged? In order to get the public to vote for the Conservative party. After the London Bridge terror attack, Theresa May released a statement in which she said, “enough is enough.” Was her “enough is enough” statement supposed to be scare all the terrorists away? Even as home secretary she couldn’t do her job right! So how can the U.K. public trust her as their Prime Minister?



Here Are The Following Reasons Why The London Bridge Terror Attack Was Staged:



They Were Trying To Strike Fear Into The Public 

The U.K. public was still recovering from the Manchester Arena attack. From out of nowhere, another terrorist attack takes place in London. This is now the 3rd terrorist attack In 3 months. The U.K. public is scared. They want to know that they’ll be safe! Theresa May is now going to introduce extreme measures in order to gain more votes for the general election.



Do You Think That The Government Isn’t Capable Of Doing Something Like This?

Unless you are white and rich the Conservative party don’t care about you! The Tories are well known for their subtle racism. They’d literally do anything, including staging a terrorist attack in order to gain votes. The white media is now telling everyone that Jeremy Corbyn wouldn’t be capable of preventing further terrorist attacks if he was elected as Prime Minister. Funnily enough, it’s Theresa May who can’t protect the country from terrorist attacks.



White People Are Out Here Talkin’ Bout Starting A Nuclear War! Lol 

It’s always the white people that live in the countryside that want to talk about nuclear wars. There are suggestions that in order to stop terrorist attacks, Britain would need to start a nuclear war against ISIS. White people have also been suggesting that a race war is imminent. You know what, if that’s the case then bring it on!!!!



Lets Say That ISIS Were Responsible For The Attack. Who Exactly Is Providing Them With Weapons? 

ISIS have claimed responsibility for the London Bridge terror attack. No surprise there. As intellectuals, we need to ask ourselves who exactly is providing ISIS with weapons? White people are the ones providing ISIS with weapons. The U.S government to be specific.



Don’t Forget To Vote Labour On June The 8th!!!!!!! #LetJuneBeTheEndOfMay

Enough is enough!!! There is no way that Theresa May can walk out as Prime Minister on June the 8th. The U.K. public need to make the right decision and vote for the Labour party. People are genuinely suffering because of Theresa May and her one-sided policies.



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