You Can Dislike White People And Still Live In Harmony With Them!!


By now everyone should already know that black people can’t be racist towards white people. Racism describes a system of disadvantages based on race. Black people can’t be racist since we don’t stand to benefit from such a system. There’s a lot of talk about how the world is becoming more multicultural and diverse. Just because different ethnic groups live alongside one another, doesn’t necessarily mean that they vibe. A certain level of mutual respect has probably been established. White people don’t know how to respect boundaries. This is why nobody likes them.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why You Can Dislike White People And Still Live In Harmony With Them:



That’s Mubz, He’s A No-Long-Talker 

When it comes to white people, it’s best to just avoid any conversation with them. However, if they say anything disrespectful/racist make sure to call them out! White people don’t like to be called out, so make sure you’ve got your receipts and evidence when you do!!



The White Man Has Always Been Problematic

The white man has sent us to hell and back!! Whatever challenge he’s put before us, we’ve always managed to overcome it!! You can kinda of see why we don’t like white people right? They’re our number one enemies. Always keep your friends close and your enemies closer.



Leave Me Alone And Let Me Bun My Reefa

Most black people just want to live in a society that shows them respect and gratitude. Western societies don’t know the meaning of respect. That’s because they’re taught from a young age to uphold the values of white supremacy. White people steal our culture, kill our people and still expect us to be civil with them!



What’s Race Got To Do With It? 

White people say they that don’t like the way we behave. We are loud, disruptive and rude. We are none of the following. They hate us because of the color of our skin. Their racism has become ever more evident. The only time white people weren’t racist was when Adam and Eve were still a thing.



Don’t Try None Of That Shit In Africa Though

If white people were to behave like they do in the United States and other European countries, there’s no doubt that a white genocide in Africa would’ve taken place by now. We have too much history. Baring in mind white people came to Africa and colonized most of the countries.



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26 days 16 hours ago

Black people want to be like white people, this is why us blacks live in a colonial lifestyle and way of life. we drive white cars, speak white language, white internet, white phones, white internet, white WEBSITES like this one. i think racists like the OP just wants to be white, but cant.. so hatred ensues.