The Grenfell Tower Blaze Could’ve Been Easily Prevented!! White People Need To Stop Being So Negligent!!


Over 17 people have died after an inferno fire blaze took place at Grenfell Tower. The remaining tentants are either seriously injured or without a home. White media outlets are trying to blame an Ethiopian man because apparently it was his faulty fridge that caused the fire (source). It wasn’t his fault at all. This is a corporate crime. White people are always trying to blame others for their wrong doings. There’s no running away from this one. The incident took place in North Kengsinton which is not that far from the affluent parts of London. Some people are calling the Grenfell Tower blaze one of the most brutal gentrifications in UK history!!!



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Are To Blame For The Grenfell Tower Blaze: 



Too Many Cuts To Fire Departments And Emergency Services

When the Conservative party came into power in 2010, fire services and emergency departments were significantly cut. This affected most people’s quality of life. Everyone talks about how the NHS is crumbling, but they never realise that the fire service has already been obliterated. Firemen turned up to Grenfell Tower two hours after the fire had started.



The U.K. Has A Prime Minister Who’s Not In Her Prime

Please don’t fall for Theresa May’s scripted apology. If she was truly story about anything, she would’ve stood down as Prime Minister and let Jeremy Corbyn lead the country. Unlike Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn actually spent time with the victims of the Grenfell Tower blaze.



The White Man Is The Devil (With The Expection Of Jeremy Corbyn)

Jeremy Corbyn tried to pass a law which would make homes safer. Considering the fact that most of the fire alarms and sprinklers at Grenfell Tower didn’t actually work. It would’ve have come in handy, but the Conservatives rejected it!! If the Conservatives weren’t such evil twisted people then maybe all this could’ve been prevented.



It’s A Straight Murder Charge. Don’t @ Me

The corporate manager who’s responsible for the entire Grenfell property hasn’t made any statements or apologies. He’s probably tucked away in his million dollar London property. Must be nice :). The remaining tenants of Grenfell Tower are now relying on housing from family, friends and other non-profit organisations. They could always ask the Government for help, but we know they don’t care!!!!



What Happens Now? 

It doesn’t look like the government are going to build a new tower block anytime soon. The death toll is bound to increase and we aren’t any closer to getting justice for the victims. We live in a very very cruel world. Where the poor continue to suffer and the rich just keep getting richer.



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