Today Is The Day We Find Out How Bitter And Petty White People Are #GeneralElection2017


Today is arguably one of the most important dates in the U.K. calendar. Millions of people across the country will be participating in this years general election. Labour’s campaign has been absolutely phenomenal! Hats off to Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and everyone else involved! It’s a real shame that the same can’t be said about the Conservative party. Their campaign has been disastrous. One thing that we’ll all learn from the 2017 general election, is how bitter and petty white people are. They’ll literally vote against their own interests just so others (ethnic minorities) will suffer.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why The 2017 General Election Is Going To Prove How Bitter And Petty White People Are: 



White People Will Dissociate Themselves With The Labour Party Because It Wants To Help Those That Are Non-White 

The Labour Party has made it loud and clear, they want to help everyone. Rich, poor, young and old. Refugees, asylum seekers, black people and Asian people. White people don’t want that. They only care about themselves. So therefore they’ll vote for the Conservative Party.



Greatness Only For The Love Of Britain

White people have said that they have been made to feel unwelcome in their own country. After the Brexit verdict, white people made their feelings clear. They don’t want non-white people in their country. This election is all about who they think is best suited to deal with the Brexit warfare.



Theresa May Has The White Media On Her Side 

White people love bigoted news outlets such as ; the sun, daily mail and the metro. The Conservative party are associated with the Sun newspaper and Daily Mail. They’ve teamed up with one another with the intention of destroying Jeremy Corbyn’s election campaign. Because of this, white people have been brainwashed to hate Jeremy Corbyn and love the Conservative party.



Over 65s Should Not Be Allowed To Vote 

Whats the point in allowing the elderly to vote. They’re probably going to die in the next 2-4 years. The policies they’ve voted for won’t even affect them. Over 65s tend to vote for the Conservative party. They’re the ones who are destroying their grandkids’ future.



For The Many Not The Few

Labour isn’t a party for the billionaires and mega rich. It’s a party for the people. A party for the poor, working, middle and upper middle class. Which most of you in the U.K. are. Do us all a favour and #VoteLabour



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