Black Women Are The Real Fashionistas Of This World! White People Need To Start Paying Homage!!


Is it fair to say that black women aren’t given enough credit for their contributions to mainstream/pop culture? Black men are often given credit, but black women are always overshadowed by white women. Platforms like YouTube give anyone the opportunity to reach out to a large audience. If you play your cards right, you could hit a serious lick. There’s been a substantial rise in the amount of black bloggers/vloggers. Which is a good thing because most of us are sick and tired of seeing white people take credit for the things that we’ve popularized. One particular area that black women are dominating, is the beauty and fashion industry. Shout out to all the black girls that are MUAs & fashion bloggers. Keep doing your thing.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People To Need Start Paying Homage To Black Women:



Entrepreneurial Skills On Fleek 

Most of the prominent black beauty/fashion vloggers that you see on YouTube started from the bottom. Although most of them don’t have any business qualifications, they managed to create a business plan that would eventually make them millionaires. You gotta respect that.



I Used To Sip Cristal, But Them Boys Racist 

In the vlogging/blogging industry, most of the money comes from ads and sponsored content. The thing that you have to admire about black women, is that they’re willing to put that all to one side and use their platform to good effect. Unlike some of these black rappers, they’ll happily talk about politics and racism, even if it means that their pay cheque will suffer.



Get You A Girl That Can Do Both 

Just in case you forgot, black women are the most educated demographic in the United States. As well as focusing on their creative ambitions, they’re still in school getting a good education. Black girls stay winning.



Black Women Lead, White Women Follow 

Black women have always been in control of the fashion industry. Things like segregation and apartheid took the spotlight away from them. Even to this very day, white people are very hesitant when it comes to giving black women praise. To put into simple terms, white women just copy whatever black women do.



Do It For The Culture!! 

We have to give praise to the black women that focus on mental health. It’s something that’s very stigmatized in our community. By talking about it, we are already breaking barriers. When it comes to mental health, the new generation of black women are much more understanding.


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