Eurovision Is A Visual Representation Of How White People Don’t Value Black People’s Talents


All 42 entries of the 2017 Eurovision singing contest were white. Some of the entries were of non-black origin. Since Non-black POC operate with the same anti-black mindset as white people, they’ll be referred to as “white people,” because that’s clearly who they’re trying to be. We get it, white people are the majority in Europe, but that still shouldn’t be an excuse to chastise black people. Racial tensions in Europe are at a knife-edge. Simply because everyone’s on that far-right wave. Just imagine how many black people auditioned to represent their resident country, but were probably rejected because they were black.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why Eurovision Needs More Black Entries:



What Kinda White Supremacy Bullshit Is This? #NoBlacksAllowed

Most black people are going to be watching Eurovision like, “Yo, where my niggas @” It’s obvious that Eurovision is catering for a white audience, hence the fact that it’s called “Eurovision.” If only white Europeans acknowledged their history. They’d realize that they’re nothing without us. Their entire come up is based on slavery and colonization.



But Why All The Pretty Icons Always White? Put Some Black Girls In The MoMA

1 in 4 black girls have an amazing singing voice. DON’T @ ME. It’s not up for discussion because it’s a fact. White people are low-key aware of this. They don’t want any black girls/women on their show because they know they’d get shown up. It would be an absolute embarrassment on their behalf.



My People Are Destroyed From Lack Of Knowledge 

As black people, we are blessed with a natural ability to perform. Even if one of our entries was having a bad day, they’d still win. Someone on black Twitter said that white people are born without rhythm. Not to be “prejudice” to white people, but that person was actually right. White people somehow manage to clap off beat. Singing is clearly out of the equation.



I Can See That Your Chicken Needs Seasoning 

Eurovision needs that extra bit of zest that only black people can bring. Until white people break this glass ceiling, they’ll never truly experience a GOOD Eurovision contest. The dancing is whack. The costumes are bland. Speaking of costumes, there was a man dressed in a gorilla suit on one of the performances. It wouldn’t surprise me if white people were trying to send some sort of racist subliminal message. You can’t put it past them.



They Had The Cheek To Put “Celebrate Diversity” In Their Tagline. SMH

White people are cheeky yanoe. If you analyse the logo for this years Eurovision, the tagline says “celebrate diversity.” Diversity??????? Diversity where??????? Black people in Europe are alive and well. We have every right to be there as well. White Europeans always forget how they brutally forced their way into Africa and drained all our major resources. Yet they complain about how immigrants are taking over their country.

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