White People Have Colonized The Ebony Section Of Porn!


You know them ones when you are mad horny and you just wanna beat your meat. So you open up your internet browser and go on a mainstream porn website. If you love your thick jawns, then you’ll go straight to the ebony category. That’s where it’s at. At this point, your meat is rock solid and your veins are popping like crazy. You find yourself scrolling down the page looking for the right video to buss a nut to. All of a sudden, you notice that most of the videos contain white men. Shouldn’t that shit be in the interracial section? If you are petty like me, you’ll probably refuse to watch any porn video that contains a white man and a black woman, especially if it’s in the ebony category.



Here Are The 5 Ways In Which White People Have Colonized The Ebony Section Of Porn: 



This Is Whack! I Can’t Get Jiggy With This Shit!!! 

There’s a good reason why we choose to watch the Ebony category. It’s because we want to see black on black porn. If we wanted to see some filthy white cracker having sex with one of our thick jawns, then we’d just watch cuckold porn.



Racism In Porn Is Alive And Well

When we say black lives matter, we mean it in every aspect of life. Racism in the porn industry has always been a thing. A high profile porn star called Alexis Texas refuses to have sex with black men because she thinks it will bring down her value. On the other hand, black women in the porn industry need our support & protection.



Only Mandingo Can Speak The Lingo

It kinda makes you feel sick when you see a porn video with a white man and a black woman. White people’s skin complexion resembles unseasoned chicken. It’s just nasty. When it comes to sex, white people have no rhythm whatsoever. All in all, white porn is unaesthetically pleasing.



Support Black Owned Porn Websites 

If you wanna see some really thick jawns, you are best off switching to black owned porn websites. There’s not many of them out there, but they do exist. One black owned porn website that we do recommend is; www.hoodamateurs.com. Thank me later.



Porn Is Actually Very Destructive And We Should All Stay Away From It

There’s nothing wrong with masturbating. In fact, it’s actually been proven to be very therapeutic. When you do masturbate however, don’t watch porn. You are better off using your imagination.

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Wow, i been thinking this for years. I was wondering where to black on black went.