White People In The U.K. Have Always Been Unapologetically Right Wing!! The DUP Deal Comes At No Surprise!


Nothing that white people do surprises me or any other person with common sense. As a whole, white people are not very good people. The 2017 U.K. general election summed everything up in a nutshell. One candidate (Jeremy Corbyn) wanted the best for everyone in the U.K. The other candidate (Theresa May) only cares about herself and her rich friends/associates. If you had the choice to pick between Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May, which one would you pick? Jeremy Corbyn right? White people are naturally attracted to evil. That’s the only explanation as to why Theresa May’s Conservative party got the most seats in the general election. Still not enough to win the election though. Now the Anti-Christ a.k.a Democratic Unionist Party have struck a deal with the Conservative Party.



Here The Following Reasons Why White People In The U.K. Are Now Destined For Failure:



You Could Have Had It All! Now You Are Rolling In The Deep  

A political party based in Northern Ireland will now have the say in what goes on in the U.K. The one election that young people turn out in their masses and something like this happens. It’s basically a massive “fuck you” to all the young voters.



White People Are To Blame For This Horrific Tragedy 

When you analyse the voting statistics, you’ll realize that white people are to blame for the outcome of the 2017 general election. Why can’t they just be normal? People’s lives are at stake. Lord Buckethead will not save you.



The E.U? More Like Ewwwww 

Theresa May has proposed a settlement for E.U residents. It’s almost like a Nazi style system. White people wanted a leader who could deal with the Brexit divorce. Theresa May isn’t exactly someone that’s best suited for the job. She’s incompetent. Her 2:2 degree in geography isn’t exactly putting her on the map.



Justice For Edir Frederico Da Costa #BlackLivesMatter

U.K. Police managed to kill Edir Frederick Da Costa after a “routine stop.” Black Lives Matter U.K. were out in full force protesting against police brutality. There has been reported “riots” in Newham, London. Buildings and streets can be repaired, Edir Da Costa can not be bought back to life.



Rob This England By Any Means Necessary 

Britain colonized Zimbabwe and many other African Countries. They never gave us a single reparations cheque. It’s actually kind of nice to see Britain going in the wrong direction. You have to reap what you sow.



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