Do White People Enjoy Making Documentaries That Portray Black People In A Negative Light?


How often do you see documentaries that portray black people in a positive light? White people put in so much time and effort trying to dehumanize us, they must get exhausted. They love to film gang documentaries that mainly focus on black people. It’s funny because they never focus on white or Asian gangs who probably do just as much damage. We get it! They want to raise awareness about a particular issue, but there are better ways of doing it. The black community is by no means perfect, but we are trying. How are we supposed to build and grow when white people are constantly trying to throw dirt on our name.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Need To Stop Making Documentaries That Portray Black People In A Negative Light:



We Know It’s Edited And Some Of The People Are Paid Actors  

White people go through some extreme lengths just to make us look bad. Imagine having to hire out paid actors for a documentary just so you can fulfill your own wicked agenda. Don’t believe most of the bullshit that you see in some of these gang documentaries.



Is It That Hard For You To Stay In Your Own Lane?

Before they release the documentary, white people have to ask themselves an important question. What’s the point of all this? Most of the time their sole intention is to cause racial hatred. It would be easier if they just stayed in their own lane.



Stop With This Whole Flies In Their Eyes BS

Let’s put documentaries to one side and focus on adverts. White people have been force feeding us with this whole, “For $2 a month you could feed a hungry child” rhetoric. When it comes to black people in Africa, white people always fail to mention how much of an effect colonialism has had.



Go Ahead And Just Copy & Paste?

There are white people out there that will watch one gang documentary and assume that every black person is like that. But it’s whatever. The real cause for concern is when they start calling the S.W.A.T team on you all because you are wearing a bandana. That’s when things get difficult.



Always Remember That It Takes Two To Tango

It’s high time that we started making documentaries that portray white people in their true light. The world needs to know that they’re just a bunch of no good conniving demons.


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