White People Need To Start Putting Some Respect On Diane Abbotts’ Name!!!


It’s not often that you see black women getting involved in politics. When they do, they always face an absurd amount of racist remarks and misogyny. White people have not held back from racially abusing Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary, Dianne Abbott. With the general election only a week away, Dianne has found herself caught up in the white media’s propaganda. During a Labour conference in 1988, Dianne Abbott made a speech where she branded Britain as “fundamentally racist.” Although she said this 29 years ago, white people are pissed off because they think that’s how she currently feels. Can you blame her if she did? It’s not like white people in Britain have suddenly stopped being racist.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Need To Put Some Respect On Diane Abbott’s Name: 



She Went To Cambridge University!! What Have You Done With Your Life? 

Unlike some of the uneducated and illiterate white people that try attack her, Diane graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the U.K. She studied history at the University Of Cambridge. It was from there on she decided to pursue a career in politics.



We Need More Black Women In Politics!!!!

Black women are severely unrepresented in politics. With the way Diane Abbott has been treated, you can kind of see why a lot of black girls wouldn’t want to pursue a career in politics. Seeing someone like Diane Abbott as Shadow Home Secretary gives black people that slight glimmer of hope. White people will never understand how much representation matters.



Just Say You Hate Black People And Lets Keep It Moving 

White people are actually scary. They’ve spent so much time, effort and energy on trying to make Diane Abbott look like a bad person. When in reality she’s a wonderful down to earth women. Sometimes it would be easier if white people just said that they hated black people!



It’s The Start Of  June So That Marks The End Of (Theresa) May

Since we are talking about Diane Abbott, if you are in the U.K. and you’ve registered to vote in this years election, make sure you vote for the Labour party. The conservatives are racist and aren’t looking to work in the best interests of black people. In 1964, the conservatives thought it was appropriate to use fear mongering tactics in order to gain votes. “If you desire a COLORED for your neighbor vote for Labour. If you are already burdened with one vote TORY.” – White people.



White People Are “Fundamentally” Racist 

Diane Abbott was spilling tea when she said Britain was fundamentally racist. 29 years later, what’s changed? Not a lot really. Other than white people voting to leave the European Union because of xenophobia. Black women like Diane Abbott need to be protected and treasured. She is a true blessing to the world.


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