What Exactly Is It That White People Don’t Like About The Black Panther Movie?


The official Black Panther teaser trailer was released yesterday. If you haven’t already seen it, you can watch it HERE. It looks absolutely incredible!! Although we’ve only seen a 2 minute clip, it already deserves to win best picture at the Oscar awards. White people don’t understand how much this movie actually means to us. Most black kids are conditioned to think that black people aren’t capable of being superheroes. Until now that is!!! Unlike most superhero movies, Black Panther has an extremely diverse cast. White people are triggered by the fact that this movie doesn’t revolve around them.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Don’t Like The Black Panther Movie:



It’s Going To Uplift Millions Of Black People Across The Globe #BlackPower  

Do you know how excited most black people got when they watched the trailer? We haven’t been this excited for a movie since Get Out!! Black Panther is going to uplift the black community like never before! Representation really does matter!!!



We Could’ve Taken It To A New Level If It Wasn’t For The Meddling White Man

If you’ve ever read any of the Black Panther comics, then you’ll know about the wonderful place that is Wakanda. It’s the most advanced country in the Marvel universe. Europeans have tried to invade it multiple times, but they failed miserably. Wakanda is a visual representation of what most African countries would’ve looked like if it wasn’t for colonialism.



Black Women Came Thru And Blessed The Visuals/Costumes

The visuals and costumes for Black Panther are 10 out of 10. Black women are actually heaven sent. Massive shoutout to Ruth Elaine Carter and Hannah Beachler. They’ve done such an amazing job.



All Black Everything !! That’s How We Like It!!!

Out of the 16 main actors, 14 of them are black. It’s not everyday white people. Sometimes we need some melanin. If you need any reassurance of whether or not the Black Panther movie will be good, Lupita Nyong’o has been given the female lead role. Not only that, but darkskinned black women are finally being given the representation that has been long overdue.



Finna Roll Thru To The Cinema Wearing Traditional African Attire 

Black Panther will be available to watch on the 9th of February 2018. If you are going to go to the cinemas to watch it, you can’t just wear any random outfit. You’ve got to wear your traditional African attire. Do it for the culture!!!



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