Is It True That Black Men Are The White People Of The Black Community?


So news has spread that Rihanna has got herself a new man. She was spotted kissing a Saudi heir who goes by the name of Hassan Jameel. His family is estimated to be worth 1.5 billion. Not bad eyyy? It didn’t take long for the self-hating niggas to start throwing around their irrelevant opinions. They’re angry that Rihanna isn’t dating a black man. Then again black women are more likely to be abused by black men. Can you really blame black women for not wanting to be with us? Black men date white women all the time and black women don’t say a word. You got niggas like Kodak Black saying he doesn’t like black girls. He even had the cheek to say that Nicki Minaj has been “ran through.” This is all coming from a convicted rapist.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why Black Men Are The White People Of The Black Community:



The Never Ending Violence And Abuse 

For a hot minute, black women have been trying to tell the world about the abuse that they face from black men. Nobody wants to hear it. The police, criminal justice system and even friends & family. Black women have always got to be “strong and resilient.” Sometimes they just need someone to listen to what they’re saying.



The Defamation Of Black Women

All you’ve got to do is go on social media and type in “black girls/women” in the search bar! You’ll be absolutely astonished by some of the slander that you see on there. 98% of the slander comes from black men. The most worrying thing is, most of the niggas that are talking smack about black girls/women came from a black woman. It’s a different type of self hatred.



History Repeats Itself And That’s Just How It Goes 

Black women are not given enough credit for what they’ve done for the black community. Throughout history black men have tried to push black women out of the lime light. Y’all know Frederick Douglas right? The guy who created Pan-Africanism? He would’ve been nothing without his wife. Let’s not forget about the incredible Claudette Colvin who did the bus boycott before Rosa Parks. She wasn’t credited because she was pregnant and dark-skinned. She only got pregnant because she was raped.



The Self Hate Is Actually Real 

Black men were upset when Serena Williams got engaged to a white man. At the same time, they were calling her a “man.” Now that Rihanna is seeing this billionaire Arab guy, black men on social media are even more pissed. It’s important to remember that these are the same people that support Chris Brown and think that he should be given a second chance. Even after what he did to Karrueche Tran.



You’ve Definitely Learnt A Lot From Your Oppressors 

Of course it’s not all black men, but it seems to be the majority. Niggas are so overwhelmed by white supremacy that they turn to belittling black women as a means of coping. It’s cowardly, weak and utterly disrespectful. Some of these traits were definitely picked up from white people.



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