If White People Truly Believe That “All Lives Matter,” Wouldn’t They Be Raising Awareness For The Black Mamas Bailout Campaign?


Sunday the 14th of May marks the annual celebration of Mothers Day. Unfortunately, not everyone gets to spend the day with their mother. There are some black mothers out there who are incarcerated, often to no fault of their own, but purely because of the corrupt criminal justice system. Thanks to Black Lives Matter activists, organizers have managed to raise just over $250,000 to release incarcerated black mothers who can’t afford to pay bail. The money isn’t just going to black mothers, it’s also going to mothers who are White, Queer, Trans, Immigrants, Elderly and Disabled. As always, we’ve not heard a peep from white people & non-black POC who are part of the “All Lives Matter” crew.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Aren’t Talking About The Black Mamas Bailout Campaign: 



The War On Black Women Continues 

Black women are the most disrespected human beings on this planet. They have to deal with racism, sexism and misogyny from black men. As strong as black women are, sometimes it all becomes too much for them to handle. Some black women turn to prostitution as means of income. This then leads to a drug addiction which is supplemented by a life of crime.



Institutional Racism At Its Finest!!

Most of the black women that are locked up in jail pose no real threat to society. The only problem is, they can’t afford to pay the bail bond set by the courts. Until their case is ready to be tried in court, they’re stuck in jail for the meantime. They’ve probably got kids on the outside who are reliant on them. Slowly but surely, their whole life starts to fall apart.



We Made You Eat Your Heart Out!

White people are forever trying to discredit the Black Lives Matter movement. They say that the movement is racist and causes division. We are just looking out for our own people. White people don’t even value black lives, hence the fact that the movement is called “Black Lives Matter.”



No Woman, No Cry

We must protect black women at all costs. The black mamas bailout campaign is so crucial, especially at a time like Mothers Day. There are so many mother-daughter relationships that could be saved by this particular campaign.



Black People Uniting Is Too Much For White People To Handle 

Although the black mamas bailout campaign is also benefiting white women who are incarcerated. It’s highly unlikely that white people will bring much light to it. They only report on the Black Lives Matter movement when we are protesting and causing “disruption.” Not when we are uniting and uplifting one another.



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