Knowing How To Deal With White People Is An Important Part Of The Black Liberation!


Some people might visit this blog and think that it’s “racist,” Its really not. It’s all about perspective. Like it says on our “about us,” our purpose is to educate our own people about the very same people that have been oppressing and denying us liberation for the past 400+ years. We are not spreading hate, fear mongering, or “trolling” as white people love to put it. We are simply spitting hard truths. We don’t really care if you are offended or “triggered.” It is what it is. For the white people that actively read this blog, have you ever thought that maybe you are part  of the problem?



Here Are The Following Reasons Why Knowing How To Deal With White People Is An Important Part Of The Black Liberation:



Get Wisdom!! Get Knowledge!!! Get Understanding!!!!

We live in a Internet generation where “fake news” is the norm. Here at MubzOnline we promise to bring you the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. If you are unsure about any of the facts that have been presented on this blog, then feel free to do your own independent research or ask one of us.



We Gon’ Be Alright! Do You Hear Me, Do You Feel Me? We Gon’ Be Alright

Once we can all come to a universal agreement of how we should deal with white people, we will be able to advance as a race. Too many of us are welcoming white people with open arms. It’s damaging the community.



White People Are Just Trash!

Based off of historical facts, white people are trash. These are the same people that have completely destroyed our history. The effects of slavery and colonialism can still be felt to this very day. Until they can fully remove those effects, white people don’t deserve our respect.



Black Women Are At The Forefront Of The Black Liberation

As black men we don’t give black women enough credit. They’re there for us in our time of need, but we are never there when they need us. When it comes to the black liberation we must let black women guide us. Most niggas that care about the advancement of black people are usually hotep/ankh and that’s not what we need.



We Just Wanna Feel Liberated

Most of us are tired of white supremacy. It’s draining and extremely oppressive. The day that we can overcome white supremacy, is the day that we’ll be fully free. We can’t prevail whilst being under the control of white people. It will never work.

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