Why Do White People Have An Issue With Black Girls Wearing Braids/Weave?


Mystic Valley Regional Charter School is punishing black girls for wearing braids/weave. Any black girl seen to be wearing braids/weave will either be sent to detention or suspended from school. It’s hard to understand what white people’s problem is with black people let alone black girls. This isn’t the first time that white people have tried to pull this card. An all girls high school in Pretoria, South Africa tried to put sanctions on black girls that have “wild” hair. Thanks to the brave 15 year old Zulaikha Patel, those sanctions were upheld. In regards to the Mystic Valley Regional Charter School issue, white people are in the wrong.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Should Just Let Black Girls Be Free:




Black girls are magic. There’s no two ways about it. They should be free to spread their wings and flourish. White supremacy makes it incredibly hard for them to discover their true identity. If they want to wear braids/weave, then they should ago ahead and do so.



This Is Hair Hate 2.0

Black girls are already under the assumption that their hair is “ugly.” Mystic Valley Regional Charter School is only making their insecurities a reality. Braids look absolutely beautiful on black girls. Just because white people don’t like them, doesn’t mean that they should be discouraged from wearing them.



The Policy Is Clearly  Racist

The school policy is intentionally targeting black girls. You’ll rarely ever come across a school policy that looks to persecute white girls. This not a coincidence, it’s just straight up racism. In this day and age we can’t afford to let racism slide. We must speak up.



Make Sure To Report The School

School phone: 781-388-0222. Website contact form: http://www.mvrcs.com/apps/contact/. School Twitter: @mysticvalleyrcs. School Facebook page. Any other contact information can be found HERE.



How Long Do We Have To Put Up With This For?

We can’t even go one day without waking up to some next level bullshit! Can’t we all just get along? It seems as though white people get some sort of wicked rush from being racist. Its not everyday be racist, just hang up your boots and turn over a new leaf.

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