Theoretically, Arabs Are Just White People Right?


The definition of “whiteness” has proved to be a controversial talking point. Who exactly has the power to decide whether someone is white or not? Well, it’s Anglo-Saxons that are involved in that whole process. To me, and probably most other black people, we know a white cracker when we see one. White people are confusing because at one point they didn’t class Irish or Italian people as “white,” now they do. One group of people that are definitely white, just not by definition, are Arabs. If it wasn’t for their religion, there’s no doubt that Anglo-Saxons would classify them as “white.” The same could also be said about the Jews.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why In Terms Of Behavior, Arabs Are Just Like White People:



Allahu Akbar, I Told Them Don’t Curse Me

We tend to focus a lot on the Transatlantic slave trade and less on the Trans-Saharan slave trade (Arab Slave Trade). As we speak, black people in North Africa are being bought and sold in the Arab slave trade. The wicked religion of Islam justifies slavery.



If It Brings Me To My Knees, It’s A Bad Religion.

Black people in North & East Africa were forced to convert to Islam for their own safety. If they didn’t convert, then the consequences could’ve been dire. We talk a lot about how white people are evil, but maybe we’ve focusing our energy on the wrong people.



It’s Us Against The World!!

Arabs are so anti-black it’s actually unbelievable. If it’s one thing that white people and Arabs have in common, it’s their hate for black people. The whole world hates us, but we gotta stay strong and stick together.



Being “White” Is Overrated

Regardless of the benefits that may come with being white, it still doesn’t beat being black. Even Arabs are smitten by black culture. Can you believe that in 2017, Arab women are finally being given basic human rights. It’s crazy right?



Asian Supremacy In Europe

America is the only place where Asian supremacy isn’t in full affect. The rest of Europe is kind of struggling to cope with it. Nobody ¬†wants sharia law implemented into their country. Arabs need to chill.

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