Why Do White People Stereotype Alternative Black People?



White people generally think that all black people are the same. We really ain’t. There’s way too many of us for us all to fall under the same umbrella. Alternative black people exist. Alternative black people are those that don’t fit white people’s stereotype. The black goths, punks, introverts and so on. Alternative black people disassociate themselves from mainstream culture because they tend to receive a lot of ridicule from white people. In case you forgot, ALL BLACK LIVES MATTER! If you ever come across an alternative black person, leave them the fuck alone. Just let them do their thing in peace.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Shouldn’t Stereotype Alternative Black People:



Who Do You Think You Are? 

There are white people out there who think that they’re more “black” than alternative black people. In their eyes, if you are black and don’t listen to hip-hop, play basketball, you are quiet or don’t dress in a particular way. You are considered “diet black.”



Learn To Practice What You Preach 

Alternative black people are unique in their own way. They aren’t trying to be white just because they like rock n roll or goth culture. White people think it’s okay to bully alternative black people. If you ever witness a white person trying to intimidate an alternative black person, especially if they’re a black girl, make sure to intervene!!!



Let He Without Sin Cast The First Stone

How can white people ridicule alternative black people when they themselves are weird as hell. At least alternative black kids don’t shoot up schools or sexually harass innocent people. Before you point fingers, make sure yours are clean.



Do You Dare To Be Different?

Alternative black people have been changing the game for years. We all need to pay homage to them for influencing the culture. Even black people don’t give their counterparts the credit that they deserve.



Parents, That Goes For You Too

Black parents that have alternative kids find it rather strange. They’re not exactly supportive or happy about the lifestyle that their kids have chose. It’s important that black parents try to be more understanding and less judgmental. Otherwise it could all end in tears.

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