White People Have Made Diane Abbott’s Life An Absolute Misery!! #AbbottAppreciation


Diane Abbott has been forced to step down as shadow Home Secretary due to an ongoing illness. Then again white people have made her life an absolute misery. No one deserves to be disrespected and devalued like that. White people can’t handle the fact that if Labour won the general election, Diane Abbott would become Britain’s first ever black Home Secretary. At least America has had a black president. It’s very unlikely that Britain will ever have a black prime minister. When it comes to Institutional racism, Britain is on par with America. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, white people will always be trash!!



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Have Made Diane Abbott’s Life An Absolute Misery: 



It Didn’t Take Long For White People To Show Their True Colors

White people in the U.K. love to act like saints when it comes to racism. They’re just as racist as their white brothers and sisters over in America. White people would literally wake up in the early hours of the morning just to unleash an onslaught of racial abuse at Diane Abbott. Is their hatred for black people really that deep?



Imagine If That Was Your Mother Being Ridiculed Like That?

There’s nothing wrong with asking the shadow Home Secretary questions, but white people would always ask her questions in a very demoralizing manner. It’s almost as if they thought she didn’t deserve to be in the position that she was in. It really hurts to see Diane Abbott being treated the way that she has. What if that was your mother? How would you feel?



White People Are Enemies Of Progress 

Let me tell you something. White people don’t want to see you win. They don’t mind you progressing just as long as you aren’t doing better than them. This has been the case with Diane Abbott. She has fought racism, misogyny and white supremacy just to get to where she’s at. In white people’s eyes, Diane Abbott is progressing far beyond her means.



Diane Abbott Is Being Replaced By A White Woman!!! 

White people love saying “once you got black, you’ll never go back.” Since Diane Abbott is on an indefinite leave for her period of illness. We don’t know when she’ll back. Until then, she’s been replaced by Lyn Brown. White people don’t understand how important and prosperous black women are.



Y’all Better Vote For Labour!!!! 

The polls are favoring the Conservative party to win the general election. That doesn’t mean that people shouldn’t vote though! You better get your ass to the polling station on June the 8th and vote Labour!! Never say never!!




All our thoughts and prayers are with Diane Abbott and her family. We wish her a very speedy recovery!! She’s a formidable character who continues to inspire the black British community!! There’s nothing that white people can do or say to take that away from her!

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