White People Have Absolutely No Right To Be Celebrating Their So Called “Independence Day” #4thOfJuly


You know it’s the 4th of July when you see white people carrying confederate flags. Wait? Don’t they do that all year round? Unlike most African countries, Americas fight for independence is not worth talking about. White people don’t belong in America. They are not indigenous to the land. The United States belongs to the Native Americans. If it wasn’t for the meddling white man then we’d probably all be in a better place. How can white people even contemplate celebrating the 4th of July when Donald Trump is in office? The most racist, sexist and misogynist president to date.



Here Are The Following Reasons Why White People Shouldn’t Be Celebrating Their So Called “Independence Day”:



The Land Of The “Free” And Home Of The “Brave.”

Only a select minority of people actually understand that America isn’t the land of the free or home of the brave. The rest are in denial of the fact that we live in a white mans world. It’s still very much possible for black people to be successful. However, it comes with terms and conditions.



They Got Blood On The Money And I Still Count It

The U.S prison system is legalized slavery. Guess who’s number one on the agenda? Black people of course. We live in a society that thinks it’s okay to have more jails than colleges. Is this what white people are proudly celebrating on the 4th of July? Or maybe they’re celebrating systemic racism and police brutality.



Black People Are Still Not Free From White Supremacy 

Yeah you might be able to marry a white man or white woman, but that doesn’t mean you are immune to white supremacy. Niggas experience racism everyday b!! What exactly is there for us to celebrate? To most black people July the 4th is just another day.



Why Are White People So Oblivious To Their Own Wrong Doings?

You can try tell white people about how their ancestors brutally colonized America and they won’t want to hear a word of it. Ignorance is not bliss. If white people want us to take them seriously then they need to up the ante.



You Can’t Talk About Independence And Not Mention Haiti 

The Haitian revolution set the precedent for other African countries who were living under white supremacy. A 100 years after the Haitian revolution, various African countries started to gain independence.



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